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Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen, Charles University

Bank of Biological Material

The Biobank of the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen, Charles University, was established in 2014 on the premises of the Department of Immunochemical Diagnostics (OID) of the University Hospital Pilsen. The Biobank is collecting specimens of liquid clinical material on the basis of a contract between the two institutions. At the same time, it closely collaborates with the laboratory regarding the receipt and processing of samples and the acquisition of laboratory data from immunoanalytical assays, including multiplex ones. Biobank activities are supported by European projects within the consortium, part of the European research infrastructure for biobanking BBMRI-ERIC. The Biobank is being gradually expanded and modernized, and in 2020 it acquired the status of an independent OID division.

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Deputy Director

Ondřej Topolčan

+420 377 402 948

Biobank Coordinator

Marie Karlíková

+420 377 401 121

We possess samples from patients with tumor of the lung, colorecum, breast, prostate, pancreas and liver. We also collected COVID-19 samples.

In our collections you will find materials such as serum and EDTA plasma.

We offer the following services: receipt, processing and aliquoting of liquid samples (blood, urine, effusions, saliva, etc.); storage of aliquots at temperatures of -80 ° C or -150 ° C ; providing samples and data for research; biomarker analyses using immunoanalytical methods including multiplex ones; advisory service on biomarker studies (study design, size of cohorts, etc.); statistical evaluation and interpretation of biomarker results; collaboration on the result publishing.

Details about provided samples and materials are listed in the worlwide biggest catalogue, BBMRI-ERIC Directory.

Sample Collections

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