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If you are not sure how to access clinical material and data stored in biobanks, read the FAQs below and learn more. 

 How to request clinical samples/data?

1. Go to click on "Find samples and data".
2. When you are redirected to BBMRI Directory catalogue identify samples of your interest by using the filters on the top of the page (country, material type, diagnosis available etc.). The pre-selected collections are summarized under the "Request" button in top right corner - check all final collections/biobanks and then click on "Send to the Negotiator" button to proceed further with the data/sample request.
3. You are asked to login/register to BBMRI Negotiator in top right corner- there are 3 login options:
- via your institution identity provider - find your institution from the list of available providers and login with your institucional account and credentials. 
- via your ORCID Number
- if you do not have any of the above mentioned accounts, use the option LifeScience Hostel.
4. Fill "Request details" and click on "Submitt request".

Who can request the clinical samples/data?

Everyone with a good quality project proposal can via Directory and Negotiator request samples from the Czech and other biobanks of the BBMRI-ERIC consortium (e.g. students, postgrads, researchers, doctors, research institutions, companies, public).

What do I need to write to the sample/data request to be successful?

You should describe the purose of the project and for what exactly you need the requested samples and/or data. In case of ethical committee existence at your institute also ethical agreement should be attached to the request. Your request will be evaluated by biobank ethical committee and scientific board afterwards.

What language is used for communication with biobank/ biobanks?

Sample selection as well as the communication with the biobanks is in English no difference if you negotiate with Czech or foreign biobanks. 

What is the basic data set provided with the samples by the biobank?

 Basic data set covers age, gender, and diagnosis. It is provided in pseudonymized form.

What is the price for the samples/data?

Since biobanks are part of a research infrastructure the selected services are for academic partners provided for free (excuding trasporting costs). From this perspective are samples and the attached data for free and you will pay only transport cost reimbursement.

The commercial sector is asked to cover all costs connected with the samples' processing and storage (preservation, processing, opertional and transport costs). 

Can I request samples without a research project?

Yes, in case that you are able to explain fully your need of the samples (e.g. the samples are needed in pilot analyses for planned research project) and the scientific board of the biobank where you request the samples approves your application.

What shall I do, when I do not have ethical authority at my Institution?

This fact is needed to mention in your sample/data request. Most probably will be the request evaluated by the ethical committee of the biobank that you ask for the samples/data.

How to request a prospective collection of samples/data?

Most of the Czech biobanks offer prospective sample and data collection as a service. It is necessary to specify it within the sample request via the Negotiator. Next steps are the same as in case of the standard request.

How to ask for more data points than are in the basic data set to the requested samples/data?

To each sample is attached a basic data set (age, gender, diagnosis) and psedonymized. If you need more information about the sample donor and/or the sample, you should specify it in the request already.

In the case of widening the data set you already have together with the samples you can submitt a new request with all the specifications. This service is offered by the biobanks and you can negotiate inividually with each biobank about their possibilities. This service can be charged.

Can I alocate costs connected with clinical sample to project budget?

Yes, you can. These costs are in category of eligible costs.


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